Luxury Soap Bars That Moisturize for Beauty Lovers

I spent a lot of time in Florence, Italy, researching and planning the production of my soap. I wanted a soap that was moisturizing enough to use several times daily on my face as well as my body. There are so many expensive creams and lotions on the market today but nothing cleans as well as soap and therefore I wanted to produce the perfect bar!  One that cleanses and moisturizes at the same time.  

Luxury Soap Bars Ingredients 

Each of my luxury bar is artisan made, vegetable based, solvent free, and contains the wonderful oils of apricots, coconuts and olives.  A perfect combination for hydration - especially during cold winter months when our faces need something more than water-based moisturizers. Using a bar of SOF luxury soap leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth.  Most of our customers say they don’t even need a moisturizer afterwards. 

At SOF we want people who use our products to not only feel good about their purchases but also to come back again soon to order additional items and of course to spread the word to their friends. 

All of my customers tell me that it is the most moisturizing soap they have ever used! 


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