The Uplifting Fragrance Oils of Florence

Need something to lift your spirits during this rather dreary month of March? That’s where the evocative fragrance oils of “Passeggiata” can help. When I decided to make my own fragrance I wanted something that was familiar but at the same time difficult to recognize or compare to another product.  

A distinctive fragrance while at the same time warm and cozy. A fragrance that appealed to both men and women. And from the comments we get from our SOF customers, our goal has been achieved.  

Fragrance Oils from Florence

Our formula is a mixture of the finest essential oils from orange blossoms, limes and bergamot for sharpness, a drop of rose for softness, and a hint of wood from cypresses to bring it all down to earth.  

fragrance oils of Florence

I named it Passeggiata which means “a walk or stroll” which will always remind me that I discovered the fragrance while spending time in the beautiful Renaissance gardens of my favorite city, Florence. 

Uplift Your Senses with Distinctive Fragrance Oils

So whether you are a bar soap connoisseur, a shower gel aficionado, a candle enthusiast or a diffuser devotee, Passeggiata by SOF fragrance will definitely lift your spirits and delight your senses.

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