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A Soap for All Seasons!

Welcome to Fall 2020. The temperature is going down, Covid cases are going up and once again we are all focusing on vigorous hand washing.

hand washing in 2020

The warm wonderful days from May through September gave us a well-deserved respite and we were almost able to forget that life is no longer normal.

Spending time outdoors in the summer breeze and indoors with air conditioning allowed our skin to heal and feel great again. Now with the onset of a late October chill and the return of central heating, we are starting to see the little annoying cracks everywhere .....face, hands, legs and feet.

Body cremes and lotions are in their usual abundance. Marketing messages tout how “just a few drops will reverse the aging process” but do they really do much to pump moisture back into our skin? The answer is a resounding NO!

The Cleansing Process

One solution? Pay attention to what you are using in the cleansing process.

Make sure it is loaded with moisture! Remember the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

This is where Splendor of Florence luxury soap can help! I spent a lot of time in Florence, Italy, researching and planning the production of my soap. I wanted a soap that was moisturizing enough to use several times daily on my face as well as my body.

Each of my bars is artisan made, vegetable based, solvent free, and contains the wonderful oils of apricots, coconuts and olives. All of my customers tell me that it is the most moisturizing soap they have ever used!

Lifting the Spirits with a Scent 

But let’s not just talk about cleansing .... let’s also talk about something to lift the spirits in these rather dreary times.

That’s where the evocative fragrance of “Passeggiata” comes in. The formula consists of a gentle mixture of orange blossoms, limes and bergamot for sharpness, a drop of rose for softness, and a touch of cypress to bring it all down to earth. 

the gardens of florence

It is truly the Fragrance of Florence

I named it Passeggiata which means “a walk or stroll” which will always remind me that I discovered the fragrance while spending time in the beautiful Renaissance gardens of my favorite city.

So whether you are a bar soap connoisseur or a shower gel aficionado, Passeggiata by SOF will not only soften your skin but will also delight your senses.

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