Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated and Remembered?

History tells us that the name originated with the martyrdom of two Christians named Valentine on February 14th back in Roman times.  Not exactly what we want to hear, right?  But let’s forget the origins and think about romance. 

Is there anyone out there who looks at those red velvet heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and limp red roses on February 14th and thinks “what a total waste of money”! 

Many of us don’t need to be tempted by big boxes of sweets (especially on the heels of Christmas) and a romantic gesture of red roses is a bit cliche`. 

A Romantic Gift Reminds Us Why Valentine's Day is Celebrated Today

If you’d like to receive - or give -a romantic gift that is luxurious and practical at the same time, look no further than SOF luxury soaps and candles.

Our all natural moisturizing luxury soap with the warm wonderful scent of bergamot and orange blossoms is a perfect gift for the unfriendly month of February.

And the warm glow of SOF candles is a perfect way to forget the early darkness of mid-winter.  

Say it with Luxury Soaps

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t say it with flowers…..say it with soap!  Luxury Soap by SOF. 

Happy Valentines Day! 

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