Cosimo I de' Medici's Rooftop Getaway

The Vasari Corridor runs right over the tops of buildings and to anyone who knows and loves Florence, it is very special.

For those who forgot or never knew or can't be bothered to Google: The Vasari Corridor was built in 1564 as a passageway which runs over the rooftops of the city. It was constructed for Cosimo I de' Medici (and we all know him, right!?!) so he go from his 'office', at the 12th Century Palazzo Vecchio, to his home (which was the real Pitti Palace built in 1458 and not my hotel of the same name) without having to rub flowing robes with anyone.  Some Florentines say he wouldn't walk among men after work because he feared for his life, others say he was timid and unsociable, still others just put it down to snobbery.

A presto! Jx

P.S. The Vasari Corridor is filled with beautiful paintings from the Uffizi Gallery. If you don't know anything about this gallery, a trip to Florence is definitely in order!

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