Lower Prices for Higher Spirits!


At Splendor of Florence we have made a decision. As prices everywhere go up, we’re doing the opposite.  Effective immediately, we are officially lowering prices on our signature-scented, artisan-made line of luxury soaps, diffusers, and candles.  And to be clear, absolutely nothing about the products you love will change —not a thing. Same hand-crafted artisan process in Florence and same meticulous shipping to your door. 

Nine out of ten conversations these days include complaints about the high price of consumer goods. The pandemic and the resulting supply chain crisis have had a big impact on transport and labor costs and have pushed prices up on just about everything. 

Retail is really feeling the pinch and in many cases has been obliged to pass on the higher costs of materials, manufacturing, and shipping to its customers. This is happening not only in the USA, but all over the world — but it is not happening at SOF! 

While we too have had a sharp increase in the prices of products we make and have shipped to us from Florence Italy, we appreciate the fact that our artisans have had a steep rise in their materials, labor costs, and shipping to us in the USA. 

We work with small establishments who have had no choice but to pass these costs on to SOF.  We have accepted these price rises but rather than pass them on to our customers we are going in the opposite direction. 


Our Belief in Lower Prices

At Splendor of Florence, we believe our products should be more accessible during a time when everyone needs a little pampering. 

Whether you prefer shower gel over artisanal soaps for bathing or candles over  diffusers for home fragrance, we have something for everyone at Splendor of Florence.

These are indeed difficult times but it is also important during times like these to continue to treat ourselves to little luxuries that lift our spirits and make us feel happy.  Our moisturizing soap products and evocative fragrance do both. 

So why wait? Check out our new prices!  Shop with us today and start saving!

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