Patience In Making Luxury Bar Soap

There is an increasing demand for artisan-made products today - embroidered bed and bath linens, wheel thrown pottery and ceramics, and hand made jewelry.  

But when it comes to face soap, body soap, bath soap and shower gel it seems there is a plethora of machine-made and chemically-infused products on the market with fancy packaging and high price tags.  All produced in factories on huge industrial machines, resulting in a quick turnaround and huge profit for the brands.

The question is what are they doing for the consumer? 

In creating the Splendor of Florence line it was important for me to work with the most talented artisans I could find in Florence, starting with the development of the evocative fragrance, the contemporary Renaissance design and the unique packaging as well as the wonderful products. 

At Splendor of Florence we work only with skilled artisan soap makers who are part of multi-generational companies where ingredients and methods have been handed down over centuries and the result is a high quality product. These talented men and women take pride in their work.  

In many cases they are creating the same products as their parents and grandparents did, often in the same palazzos and bottegas in Florence! Patience is the most important part of being an artisan. There is never a short cut or big machine to take over the work that hands do so beautifully and efficiently.


True artisans take pride in their work and the result is always obvious in their products.

That is why at Splendor of Florence we carefully chose the most qualified artisans to make our line of face and body soap and they oversee every step.  

Our natural soap is tripled milled, vegetable based and solvent free with the natural ingredients of olive, coconut and apricot kernel oil.  The special milling process allows the soap crystals to be constantly turned in a roller mill, resulting in an extremely smooth paste.

This process also ensures that the fragrance is evenly spread throughout each bar.  Once the soap is cut it is left out to dry under the Tuscan sun for serval weeks before it is hand wrapped and shipped to the USA. 

There is no short cut or magic machine for making a truly wonderful bar soap.

Making our lxury soap just takes time and patience, both of which are an important part of the SOF formula. 



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