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What a wonderful review of the lovely Splendor of Florence product line! I, too, am a huge fan of this heavenly scent and all that you said about these products is absolutely true. My husband and I are so addicted to the soap that we have put a bar in our outdoor shower as well. I use the candle in my kitchen and have placed three diffusers around the house so our home is filled with the wonderful scent of Passegiata!


Hi Ellen,
You are such a wonderfully infused fan of SOF. :) I love it. And I love the idea of an outdoor shower scented with Passegiata. Bellissima!!
Thank you, Emily


An amazing review for a wonderful product. I was out of this soap for a couple of months, but recently purchased another bar. I will try not to let that happen again. I walk into my bathroom and slowly take a deep breath. It's really heavenly and so creamy. I was reluctant at first to use it on my face but am so happy I did. I love this soap!


Hi Rita,
I'm so happy to hear you've loved it so much too. Where did you first discover SOF soap? I use it on both face and body! All best, Emily



I really want to try this it sounds heavenly and I am a sucker for beautifully packaged products. Gorgeous❤️

I'm a total sucker for packaging too, and this stuff is beautiful. You don't even want to throw anything away! I think you'd like this fragrance- it's very organic and so lovely. Let me know if you try anything! xxoo

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