SOF Mermaids ARE Real!

As I mentioned in my previous blog about Mermaids, there are three tiny islands called “Li Galli” (also known as Le Sirenuse) which are in front of Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

These islands are in the shape of three mermaids or sirens  which the locals claim was the home of sisters Partenope, Leucosia, and Ligea who spent their days sitting on the rocks waiting for ships to pass by so they could lure the sailors to shore with their irresistible songs.  

Partenope sang, Leucosia played the lyre, and Ligea the flute.  

It was when Odysseus, the legendary Greek King of Ithaca, resisted the mermaids haunting tunes, that the three overwrought  lovelies were condemned to obscurity.  

The Mermaid Legend

I wanted to bring my favorite legend to life for those of you who love the Amalfi Coast as well as for those who want to feel part of the mermaid myth, so SOF has partnered with our favorite local artisans to create these beautiful handmade ceramic mermaids. 

Splendor of Florence has always been a supporter of Italian Artisans, which up until now were mainly from Florence, but after spending a lot of time on the Amalfi Coast I became fascinated with the legends of the area, in particular the stories about sirens.

Then I discovered the beautiful store La Bacheca in Praiano and their wonderful artisans and the rest is history!


The Process of Making the Mermaids

The creative process for our mermaids starts with the clay being manually pressed into a mold and then left to dry for a week. 

Once completely dried, the clay shape is fired for the first time at a temperature of around 900 Celsius degrees. When the bisque is ready, it is hand-painted with a fine brush and fired for a second time. 

After these steps are completed, the ceramic creations morph into the beautiful legendary mermaids Partenope, Leucosia, and Legia.

On the back of each mermaid is her name and a hook for easy hanging on a wall, and each one is signed by the local artisan who created her.

The SOF Mermaid Decorations Are Here!

These beautiful sirens look great alone or as a threesome (tough to break up a family! ) and they will brighten up any wall either indoors or outdoors. They can also be mounted on a table or bookshelf. 

SOF is thrilled to offer this limited edition of these legendary mermaid decorations on our website.

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