The Making of Passeggiata

     The Design

    There is so much dazzling design and inspiration in Florence, it was almost impossible to narrow my eye on one single thing that could serve as the packaging “muse” so to speak.  Luckily I partnered with the amazing graphic designer, Ann Antonini, and she was able to interpret what I wanted on paper.  The design and colors of our packaging were inspired by the intricate tiles and mosaics of the beautiful churches and palazzo’s in Florence, combined with an intricate Renaissance floral arrangement containing some of the fruits, flowers and spices in our fragrance.  Our gift box is hand made by one of the most famous box artisans in Florence.



    The Fragrance

    Next, I needed to find the perfect fragrance.  I spent days walking around Florence’s beautiful Renaissance gardens with a master perfumer, searching for the right combination of fruits and flowers.  It took quite a few months of trial and error (mixing, adding and subtracting various essential oils). Finally, one day we hit upon the perfect combination of the purest ingredients: a gentle mixture of citrus (orange blossoms, limes and bergamot) for sharpness, a drop of rose for softness, and a touch of cypress to bring it all down to earth.  It is truly the fragrance of Florence!  I named it Passeggiata which means “a walk or stroll” …..which will always remind me of how I discovered the fragrance.


    The Soap Process

    The making of Passeggiata was a very careful, thoughtful, delicate event.  The soap is artisan-made, vegetable-based, solvent-free, and contains the wonderful oils of apricots, coconuts and olives.  The special milling process allows the soap crystals to be constantly turned and compressed in a roller mill, resulting in an extremely fine and smooth paste, prior to being turned into bars. This process also ensures that the fragrance is evenly spread throughout the bar. The soap is then left to cure for one month so that each bar becomes dense and the fragrance settles.  This process also ensures quick-drying after ever use.


    After my 6000 bars of soap spent a month basking “under the Tuscan sun”, they were hand wrapped by the wonderful artisans at Le Antiche Mura, shipped to the USA, and are now being sold at select retailers.