The Sweet LIFE

    The 1950’s was the true beginning of contemporary Italy and nowhere was it more apparent than in its cinema. During the same period, LIFE Magazine was at the height of its popularity in the USA. LIFE and its photographers reported on the making of movies and the lifestyle changes taking place half a world away. The Sweet LIFE is an exhibit which partners Italian cinema and American print media during the period known as La Dolce Vita. 
    Concept and curation by Joyce Acciaioli Rudge.  Presented in Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, and Toronto, Canada

    DAVID LEES: Triumph for Tragedy

    On Nov 4, 1966, the Arno River - swollen from days of torrential rain -- burst over its banks and swept through the historic center of the City of Florence at 40 miles per hour, devastating centuries of precious art and architecture.  David Lees, a Florentine and contributing photographer for LIFE MAGAZINE,  documented that terrible day with precision and sensitivity. DAVID LEES: Triumph from Tragedy is an exhibit of 50 photographs from LIFE 's archives depicting not only the horror of that terrible day, but also the potential of people of all ages and from all walks of life as they joined together to salvage and restore the city's patrimony.  
    Concept and Curation by Joyce Acciaioli Rudge.  Presented In New York City and Florence, Italy.