About SOF


    Splendor of Florence was founded in the year 2000 by Joyce Acciaioli Rudge. Her Italian heritage-- the Acciaiolis were a powerful banking family dating back to the 13th Century --and her deep rooted links to fashion, music, and art served as inspiration to launch a series of city-wide exhibitions showcasing Florentine artists and artisans in world class locations such as the World Financial Center in New York City, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and Brown University in Providence as well as the 12th Century Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. SOF’s focus has always been on promoting the most exceptional talent found in the city of Florence.
    “The joy of creating with ones hands is slowly disappearing from our midst.
    With Splendor of Florence it is our hope to encourage people to discover the importance of continuity and tradition as they move toward the future. It has always been our objective with the festivals to demonstrate that modern technology need not be a substitute for handcrafting."
    Joyce Acciaioli Rudge