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    The SOF Festivals

    Splendor of Florence is an exhibition which celebrates the world’s most important city of art and culture - Florence, Italy. It has always been our mission to form partnerships that recognize and appreciate the generations of Florence artists and artisans whose masterpieces and creations still influence our lives today.

    Pontr Vecchio Duomo Painting

    SOF Festival in NYC

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    SOF in NYC took place in multiple locations in and around the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan.  There were artisans and operas in the Winter Garden, Uffizi paintings in Federal Hall, academic lectures and concerts at Pace University and Stuyvesant Hight School.


    SOF in Philadelphia

    Philly Mayor Mayor

    Philadelphia is Florence’s oldest sister city. SOF turned Dilworth Plaza into a Florentine piazza with artisan’s shops, a photo exhibit in all subway entrances, a magnificent tented trattoria, Uffizi paintings at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and concerts, lectures and films presented inside City Hall.


    SOF in Providence

    Old Stone Bank  

     The SOF Exhibit debut in Providence, Rhode Island.  Brown University was a major sponsor and carriage houses were converted into artisan shops, Uffizi paintings hung at Brown’s Bell Gallery, Gucci sponsored an opera at Providence Performing Arts, and a 19th century bank became a Tuscan trattoria.